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In collaboration with Prevost's R&D team, update the bodywork of the new generation of X-Series vehicles.


Numerous X-Series platform optimization projects were ongoing at Prevost and almost all the exterior components had to be redesigned to accommodate certain changes. The X-Series had been in production for several years and it was time for a substantial update. This new version had to be in line with the brand's style and show originality while remaining respectful of the classic series’ heritage. The concept had to be adapted to the different versions of the X-Series, ranging from intercity shuttles to long-distance coaches to motor homes. This required a thorough analysis and understanding of the vehicle and its platform architecture to ensure that the solutions proposed were compatible with the production methods. In addition, Brio Innovation was fully responsible for modeling the Class A surfaces used to fabricate the production tooling and for supporting the engineers in the technical development phases.


  • Portfolio strategy
  • Competition study
  • Trend study
  • Gaps and opportunities identification
  • Brand DNA & visual language
  • Design vision
  • Product architecture
  • Soft mock-ups
  • Concept generation
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Class A surface modeling
  • Production development
  • Full Size Visual Prototypes
  • Patent drawing
  • Photorealistic 3D rendering


Combined with an optimization of the platform and its energy efficiency, this intervention has helped strengthen Prevost's brand image by bringing a better coherence across their product lines. With its modern design, this new generation of X-Series coaches represents a notable evolution, true to the mythical series. The three vehicles designed have benefited from our rigor and technical ability, thus ensuring the sustainability of the Prevost X-Series. The quality of our collaboration with Prevost teams was equal to the greatness of the work accomplished together.