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To conceive an innovative product belonging to kitchen and the table’s universe which emphasizes the durability and nobility of aluminum.


Focusing on the craze for gastronomy and the art of the table, our goal was to design an object to encourage outdoor gatherings and to offer multiple cooking possibilities. A solution where the pleasure of gathering, the appeal of the senses and performance would be at the heart of the experience. The goal was also to make consumers aware of the importance of the chosen material. In this case, aluminum, for its many industrial and environmental advantages.


  • User study
  • Competition study
  • Trend study
  • Experience reinvention
  • Concept generation
  • Concept 3D modeling
  • Color, Material, Finish
  • Photorealistic 3D rendering


Wahu is a cooking table that redefines summertime dining with friends and family. It welcomes conviviality and encourages users to spend more time outdoors, by integrating the barbecue into the center of the table. The value of this product is not only limited to the material’s sustainability, or the processes chosen, it also offers beneficial advantages for quality of life.