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To design, model and develop the LX300 bodywork , a new multi-task vertical take-off and landing drone.


This project grew out from a passion for aviation passed down from father to son. It aspires to create an aircraft dedicated to transporting loads that surpass the operating limits of smaller drones and even a few small conventional helicopters. It is remotely controlled by a pilot on the ground. With a maximum speed of 210km/h, the LX300 also participates in search and rescue missions, damage assessment inspections and aerial investigations. The applications for this vehicle are numerous, as this system is so versatile. Whitin this context, Laflamme Aero mandated Brio Innovation to design, model and develop a bodywork with a functional, efficient, and distinctive look. Our expertise in transportation design and class A 3D modeling was essential to the success of this challenging and innovative project.


  • Competition study
  • Trend study
  • Brand DNA & visual language
  • Design vision
  • Storyboards
  • Product architecture
  • Concept generation
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Class A surface modeling
  • Production development
  • Photorealistic 3D rendering


Being revealed to the public at the Chicago AUVSI XPONENTIAL show, the LX300 has generated a lot of interest. It embodies the passion and spirit of innovation that drives Laflamme Aero. Its attitude, performance and versatility guarantee it a place of choice in the aviation industry. Brio Innovation has taken extra care to create the spirit and attitude of this aircraft and to make it a distinctive, high-performance vehicle for Laflamme Aero.